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Course Descriptions

The courses are numbered for a particular level of study. (100 level number is for the first year, 200 -2nd year, etc.) Courses may be taken for a higher level credit and the required assignments and examinations will reflect the level of study.

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OT 113 3 hrs.

Introduction to Old Testament I

This course is a study of the history, literature, geography and other concepts presented in the Old Testament. This course deals with content, structure, dating, and attitudes expressed at various stages. It seeks basically to answer such questions as what, when, where, who, why, how, to whom and about whom.

OT 123 3 hrs.
Introduction to Old Testament II

This is a continuation of OT 113. This course is a study of the so-called Major Prophets with emphasis on their spiritual messages, historical background, and theological content and present significance homiletically.

OT 213 3 hrs.
Literature and History of Ancient Israel

An introduction to the literature and history of the ancient Israel with special meaning to the context, the content and meaning of Old Testament writings. Special attention will be given to the various methods appropriate to studying the Old Testament.

OT 313 3-6 hrs.
Seminar in Old Testament
(Prerequisite OT 113 & OT 123)

Seminars will be designed on various topics such as Source Writers, and Forms of Prophetic Speech. The course can be repeated for a total of 6 hours.

OT 413 3 hrs.
Wisdom Literature
(Prerequisite OT 113 & OT 123)

This course is designed to examine the Books of Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes and the Apocryphal Books of Ecclesiasticus and the Wisdom of Solomon with emphasis on investigating literary forms as well as theological and anthropological statements.

OT 523 3 hrs.
Former Prophets – Joshua to II Kings

This course involves learning the content of these biblical books, understanding the conquest and its stage under the leadership of Joshua, examination of tribal allotment, an introduction to the nations Israel conquered, their oppressors, the rise of the monarchy, the divided monarchy and the kings of Israel and Judah.

OT 613 3hrs.
Forms of Prophetic Speech in Old Testament Theology

The course will engage the student in a scholarly approach to the study of the literary form of Old Testament prophecy as it is presented in the works of the major and Minor Prophets. The course will investigate the historical events that gave rise to the prophetic voice, and how their message influenced the theological interpretation of the text concerning Yahweh and covenant Israel.

NT 113 3 hrs.
Introduction to the New Testament I

This course is designed to engage the students in a scholarly approach to the study of the New Testament scriptures. The course will target historical aspects surrounding the life of Jesus Christ. Students will also observe how the world in New Testament times impacted the movement of the church, the apostles, and the epistles.

NT 123 3 hrs.
Introduction to the New Testament II

This is a continuation of NT 113.

NT 313 3 hrs.
Latter New Testament Writings

This course deals with Books such as Timothy, Titus, Hebrews, James, John, Jude and Revelation.

NT 413 3 hrs.
Life and Letters of Paul I

Life and Letters of Paul involves the study of his conversion, his missionary journeys, and his early writings in Thessalonians, Galatians, and I & II Corinthians.

NT 423 3 hrs.
Life and Letters of Paul II

A continuation of NT 413 this course deals with Paul’s later letters, his journey to Rome and his death.

NT 433 3 hrs
Gospel of John; Emphasis in Greek

BL 314 3 hrs.
The Miracles in the Bible

This course involves discussions of the definition, descriptions, designs, doers, and division of miracles.

BL 324 3 hrs.
The Parables

This course is a study of the parables in the Bible, Old and New Testaments. It includes the different realms, categories, and Interpretations of each parable.

Christian Education

CE113 3 hrs.
Christian Education

This course will explore and examine the intricate aspects of Christian education programs in our church communities. Individual programs will be examined and their effects discussed. Alternative methods of teaching and teaching styles will be discussed.

CE 123 3hrs.
The Minister’s Wives Enrichment Course

This course is designed for the minister’s wife with a desire to extend her knowledge on the role and expectancies of the contemporary minister’s wife. Special emphasis toward the challenges that she will encounter such as affirming personhood, spiritual growth, basic protocol, attire, identifying talents, setting a marital example, family, building a support system, stress management, dealing with anger, listening and communicating, role expectations, and public speaking.

CE 213 – 713 3hrs.
Christian Education Seminar

This course is designed to investigate a variety of topics in Christian education. The topics will be determined by each instructor.

History, Philosophy, & Theology

PH 413 – 713 3 hrs.
World Religions

This course is designed to engage the students in a scholarly exploration of the major religions of the world. The course will investigate the origins, beliefs, and proponents of the faiths, and religions’ impact on culture and society.

CD 213 3 hrs.
Christian Doctrine I

An introduction to theology through a survey of the major beliefs of the Christian church, including the Trinity, the doctrine of man, salvation, immortality, and the articles of faith in the Christian tradition.

CD 223 3 hrs.
Christian Doctrine II

A continuation of CD 213.

CH 313 3 hrs.
Church History – An Introduction

This course will trace the beginnings of Christianity to the present. It will also include the history of Judaism, the life of Christ, the early church and the early church fathers, church councils and the three major periods of history: early, middle and modern. The course also covers biblical traditions and customs.

CH 323 3 hrs.
Church History II

A continuation of CH 313

CH 413 3 hrs.
Black Church History I

A study of the history of African Americans in various denominations. The focus will include the origins, major characters, significant events, and selected Black theologians.

CH 423 3 hrs.
Black Church History II

A continuation of CH 413

ST 313 3 hrs.
Systematic Theology I

The primary focus of this class is a systematic study of the central themes of Christian theology emphasizing the knowledge and being of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, man, the church and the last things in terms of their coherence, meaning and validity.

ST 323 3 hrs.
Systematic Theology II

A continuation of ST 313.


ENG 113 3 hrs.
English I

English I is a course of study with a practice application towards English and all of the components. The series covers grammar, usage, sentence structure, composition, library usage and other reference tools. The mechanics of speaking, expository writing and listening are also included. Also, a vocabulary and spelling program runs through the series.

ENG 123 3 hrs.
English II

English II is a course of study designed to teach mastery of basic writing shills. English II gravitates towards competence in written communication. Since the ability to write well requires logical thinking and clear organization, textbook exercises, writing assignments, and other teaching methods will be employed to help the student’s mastery of writing skills. A sequence of sentences, paragraphs, themes, essays, compositions, and letters will be included.

ENG 133 3 hrs
Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension is a course designed to improve basic reading skills. These skills will be developed through vocabulary words, recalling information, using graphic information, constructing meaning and extending meaning. This course will use a workbook and a companion reader.

ENG 213 3 to 6 hrs.
English Seminar

A variety of research and writing topics will be explored to enhance the writing skills of the student. The seminar is designed to continue course of study begun in ENG 123.

OT 413 3 hrs.
Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

This is an introductory course in one of the languages of the Old Testament for those who have not had previous study in Hebrew. Special attention will be given to grammar and exegetical study.

OT 513 3 hrs.
Biblical Hebrew

This course is designed to help the student use the basic Hebrew tools in preaching, teaching and studying. This will require a working knowledge of the alphabets, an understanding of basic grammatical terms and functions, procedures for doing word and comparative studies, and acquaintance with the ability to utilize the standard reference tools available.

NT 323-723 3 hrs.
Greek Grammar

This course introduces the student to the truly fascinating study of New Testament Greek. Almost from the very beginning the student will thrill to the fresh insight he receives into the meaning of many passages. This will ever deepen and widen until it reaches a grand crescendo at the end of the second year of the New Testament Greek studies. By then he will be equipped for a lifetime of independent study of the e scriptures and a solid ministry based upon that study.
Specifically, Greek I acquaints the student with the alphabet and equips him/her with a minimal vocabulary and understanding of grammar for wimple reading and translation exercises.

Practical Theology

PT 113 3 hrs.
Public Speaking

This course is designed to teach the basics of effective oral public communication and will include some communication theory and development of listening skills. The student will prepare and present a variety of public speaking activities in class.

PT 123 3 hrs.
Ministerial Ethics and Etiquette

This course is an introduction to the ethical demands of the gospel as understood by the Christian tradition. The course will also cover the meaning of ministerial ethics and etiquette.

PT 313 3 hrs.
Ministerial Practicum

This course involves hands on experience with church ordinances and worship celebrations with biblical theological undergirding for church ministry.

PT 213 3 hrs.
Homiletics – Worship

This course is divided into two major courses of study namely, Worship and Hermeneutics. It is designed to assist the student to understand liturgical or high church designs for worship and free style or low church designs for worship and further assist the student in developing and/or recognizing objective and subjective forms of worship or a combination of both.

PT 223 3 hrs.

This course is a continuation of PT 213 and is designed to assist the student in understanding Hermeneutics and exegesis for an extensive study and use of a genre of tools to enhance sermon preparation and presentation.

PT 313 3 hrs.

This course is a study of the pivotal methods and interpretative principles involved in discerning the meaning of the biblical text.

Christian Counseling

CC 113 3 hrs.
Introduction to Christian Counseling

An introduction to Christian counseling covers several areas in Christian counseling. They include family counseling, Christian counseling and the law, group counseling, church counseling, and ethics in Christian counseling. This class involves lectures, group discussions, as well as individual and group projects

CC 123 3 hrs.
Ethical Clergy Conduct

Course provides an overview of what clergy misconduct is and presents strategies for its prevention for the pastor, the church, the victim and all families involved. Course a must for clergy, congregations and denominational judicatory leaders looking to incorporate a strategy.

CC 213 3 hrs.
Christian Counseling and the Law

This course will focus on both theological and legal aspects of pastoral counseling. Speakers from the theological and legal communities will be utilized.

CC 313 3 hrs.
Counseling in the Black Church

This course will give some practical methods for counseling individuals in our churches. Many crisis issues, family life problems and the changing family structure will be examined. Biblical principles for counseling complex life problems will be discussed as well. Equally important will be the emphasis on caring for the self as we attempt to minister to others.

HOSP 113 3 hrs.
Medical Hospital Crisis

This course is designed to provide practical experience in serving as hospital chaplain and dealing effectively with medical situations and crises. Additionally, experiences will also include instruction in dealing with doctors and staff as well as the family of patients.

Sacred Music

SM 113 3 hrs.
Introduction to Church Music

This is an introductory course designed to present an overview of music in the church. The students are introduced to various forms and styles of religious music as well as a variety of topics such as functions of the church choir, and church music administration.

SM 123 3 hrs.
Survey of Sacred Music

This course is designed for ministers, musicians and laymen interested in music in the church. It is a course that includes units on a variety of music study. Among the topics are European American and African hymnody, spirituals, chants, anthems (including cantatas, oratorios), and gospel songs.

SM 213 3 hrs.
African American Church Music History

This course will explore the music of the Black church in America. It includes a review of African musical retentions and influences on the various musical styles associated with the present day African American church.

SM 313 3 hrs.
Seminar in Church Music

This course covers a variety of topics including performance Techniques in piano, and voice, music fundamentals and theory and choral conducting.

SM 413 3 hrs.
Independent Study in Church Music

Topics in research or performance will vary with the student’s interest and/or performance experience as determined by the instructor and administration.

Science & Computer Science

SC 113 3 hrs.

This course is a survey of general scientific knowledge for ministers focusing on the design for life. A variety of topics will be explored such as the systems of the body (digestive, circulatory, muscular, endocrine, skeletal, and nervous systems), animal and plant life.

SC 213 3 hrs.
Science and Chemistry in the Bible

This course is designed for the fulfillment of the science requirement of the school. It teaches the student the science and chemistry in our bible from Genesis to Revelation. Classes consist of classroom and laboratory work. All classes are held at Buckman Laboratories at 1256 N, McLean Blvd. This is one of the most modern facilities in the state. The instructor is a retiree of Buckman Laboratories after 41 years.

CS 113 3 hrs.
Computer Science I

This is an introductory course designed to expose students to the computer and theoretical aspects of this science. The course will focus on the basics such as data processing, basic computer features, how computers operate, and basic computer navigation.

CS 123 3hrs.
Computer Science II

Computer Science II is a continuation of CS 113. It is designed to give students an opportunity to apply theories acquired in CS 113. This course focuses on using the computer to create, format, edit, save, and print files and/or delete documents using Microsoft Word application software. Prerequisite: CS 113.

Physical Education

PE 113 2 hrs.
Taekwondo I (Practical)

This course is an introduction to Martial Arts from a Biblical/Christian perspective as well as to Songahm Taekwondo. It is intended to develop well-rounded students from a spiritual, mental and physical standpoint. This course consists of 2 semesters. The class meets twice weekly for one hour. One class is for learning and discussion and the other is for application (physical activity).

PE 123 2 hrs.
Taekwondo II (Practical)

A continuation of PE 113

Student Activities

Chapel 1.5 hrs.

Students are required to attend a minimum of seven (7) Chapel services per semester.

TSOR Choir 1.5 hrs.

The choir may provide music for various school functions such as Chapel, Christmas Celebration, Spring Banquet, or Commencement.